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The Spander Fan Fiction Request List

A long long time ago I asked the lovely people of bloodclaim  to shoot me any and all ideas for fics they wanted to see but hadn't been able to find. And so this list was born.

But then I moved the list to here with all of the written stories in a memories list here, so this list is kind of a moot point. 

Without further ado, the requests. These have been copied and pasted from peoples responses, so [for once] any grammar/spelling mistakes aren't mine.

1. "Thank you! What a great idea. May I be the first with a vague suggestion? Several times now I have done rec searches, on a few different sites, for something and not once have I got a response. I want to see Spike fight for Xander. Not to win his love, or defend him, etcetera...I would love to see an all out fists and fangs brawl with Xander as the "prize". I only know of one fic with this in it to the degree I am craving "That Xander Fella". I don't care who Spike is fighting, not even if they are male, female, or other. Can ya help me out here? Pretty Please?"
~ by geek_girl33 

2. "I'd love to read some Spander from the first or second season, during high-school ^^
or set during the Basement of Doom part ;p not necessarily Scoobie bashing, but Xander being apart from the group, excluded/pushed away and Spike using him/manipulating him to get his blood and a place to be. Ending with at least Spike growing fond of Xander and taking him 'under his wing', wanting the keep the boy and protect him as his."
~ by anyssia 

3. "I have a human verse fetish maybe a kidnapping/ransom of some sort?"
~ by forsaken2003 

4. "Well I don't know if this counts. But I'd love to see a Spike-centric spander fic, where Spike doesn't instantly fall in love with Xander, and preferably starts out still in love with Buffy and it's only over time that Xander earns and gains Spike's respect. Best would be if Xander gets no superpowers, stays his normal regular self through out, and if there's no mention whatsoever of either the soldier or the hyena."
~ by liliaeth 

5. "Xander finds himself playing Mom to a hellhound puppy and somone steps in to help, Spike!"
~ by seadragonlady 

6. "A Spander fic with a dom Spike who takes care of a reluctant Xander (sub). The Xander how I would like to read don't like it especially when Spike takes care of his empty eye socket and his domish Spike has to make a lot efforts (every time) when it comes up to do this (cleaning it and hold it dry and such stuff) to get Xander calm and get him used to it."
~ by chaoskir 

7. "If it's not too much trouble, I'd love something with a father/mentor Angel. And/or, Lorne finding Xander along the road somewhere (could be Africa, could be England, could be Cleveland), and hearing him sing. To which, he's all, "Oh, god damn it!" And has to make a few calls as well as talk to Xander because there's nothing worse than not setting two potential love birds up (even an Apocalypse or two)."
~ by ctrl_issue 

8. "I would love to see a story where Xander & Spike take a second look at each other and realize that they are not so different after all. Bonus points if they begin to fall in love slowly but reluctantly and everyone but them realizes it at the time."
~ by mulder200 

9. "Xander ends up with his/demonic/etc. child and is hiding the fact from Scoobies but Spike finds out first"
~ by moya_no_baka 

10. "I'd like to see something that begins with a slight spuffy suggestion. Maybe season 5 angel with Spike helping out there and becoming respected and appreciated for his input and help. We would then see Spike branching out becoming his own person probably moving away. Then you introduce Xander, who is also doing well, and give us a nice gradual wonder Spander. Then we would have this great couple in a stable relationship with a future. And without bashing, mention a regretful Buffy reflecting that maybe she missed out on a good thing."
~ by anon
AN: not sure if this one can be done any time soon, since it looks like a several ten's of thousands of words worth of work, but stay tuned, never know.

11. "My suggestion, if you want it, is I've always wanted Xan to become a were, but becuase of his previous possession, he ends up a werehyena..."
~ by belle_draco 

12. "Also for my personal suggestion I would like to read a fic Spike just suddenly begins to notice Xander and because he is noticing Xander it is making him want to take the time to get to know the man that Xander is slowly becoming."
~ by lady_quadress 

13. "Initiative!Fic
There's never enough of it!"
~ by spiceblueeyes 

14. "Evil!Spike"
~ by aubergineautumn 

15. "I've recently discovered, and gave been enjoying, your End of the Beginning series. I also saw the page where you listed ideas people had submitted to you for future Spander stories. I would like to submit a suggestion of my own.

I would like to see a Spander story that is all-human, with martial arts (with weapons) as the catalyst for Spike and Xander's relationship. Maybe one of them has a day job where martial arts is a vital component of the job (cop, maybe, or just the owner of a dojo), and the other one has a non-martial arts-related job, but practices very intensive martial arts as a way of life to help himself cope with past life-angst - much meditation and strict diet regimen included.

In their skills, they are both very advanced - master level, in fact.

Their mutual interest in martial arts causes them to cross paths. At first they intensely dislike each other and there's a lot of sparring - both of the verbal and weapon-related variety. But eventually, they come to admire each other's skills....and along the way, they discover a mutual attraction to one another. MAJOR HOTNESS ensues."
~ by windchild85 
AN: There is an expounded version of this, but for the sake of length I've kept the original suggestion, I'll have a full description of the request in the fic.

16. "I'd like a fic about Xander coming out to his friends or his friends discovering he's with Spike. No character bashing, especially from Buffy, I want this to be a fun yet serious story about how canon characters will react to this peice of news. It'll be so hard to accept the idea, there'll be lots of objections, but eventually they'll try for Xander, and it'll take them so long to warm up to Spike, who on his part is still rude to them and making it so difficult for them to like him."
~ by lusciousxander 

17. "I'd love a song fic from the song 'I'd Come for You' by Nickelback. Such an amazing song! =)"
~ by forsaken2003 

18. "Also kind of a ficsearch.

Has there ever been a fic with Spike "not telling" the Scoobys about his chip in season four, not wanting to expose that weakness? He wants the Initiative taken down, but also realize he needs help with it. Maybe acts like an informer and uses Xander as a middleman. Spike, never taken the time to really get to know a human, is when "forced" to interact with Xander becoming aware of the fact that he starts to like the man with the warped humor and the big, loyal heart. And faces the challenge try to get Xander to trust him. (Maybe some practical problem like getting blood without losing Big Bad persona ect.)"
~ by Isadoria

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